2013 MLB Regular Season TV Schedule

The television schedule for the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season. Click here to skip to schedule.

The 2013 baseball season begins with the Astros hosting the Rangers on March 31, followed by an ESPN/ESPN2 quadruple header on April 1. FOX begins its 24-window slate on April 6, with rematches of the AL and NL Championship Series and the return of Josh Hamilton to Texas. TBS gets started on April 7.

As was the case last year, FOX will televise eight straight primetime telecast windows starting May 25.

Additional telecasts will be added to the schedule as the season progresses.

2013 MLB Regular Season TV Schedule

Additional games will be added when announced
Date Net Time Away Home
Sun, 3/31/13 ESPN 8:05 PM Rangers Astros
Mon, 4/1/13 ESPN 1:05 PM Red Sox Yankees
ESPN 4:10 PM Giants Dodgers
ESPN2 7:10 PM Phillies Braves
ESPN2 10:10 PM Cardinals Diamondbacks
Tue, 4/2/13 MLBN 3:10 PM Orioles Rays
MLBN 10:10 PM Giants Dodgers
or Cards/D’Backs (9:40p)
Wed, 4/3/13 ESPN2 7:05 PM Red Sox Yankees
ESPN2 10:10 PM Giants Dodgers
Thu, 4/4/13 MLBN 12:35 PM Angels Reds
or Padres/Mets (1:10p)
MLBN 7:05 PM Red Sox Yankees
or Phillies/Braves (7:10p)
Fri, 4/5/13 MLBN 1:05 PM Yankees Tigers
MLBN 4:35 PM Cardinals Giants
or Padres/Rockies (4:10p)
MLBN 7:30 PM Cubs Braves
or A’s/Astros (8:10p)
Sat, 4/6/13 FOX 4:05 PM Cardinals Giants
Yankees Tigers
Angels Rangers
MLBN 7:05 PM Royals Phillies
or Indians/Rays (7:10p)
Sun, 4/7/13 TBS 1:05 PM Yankees Tigers
ESPN2 8:05 PM Angels Rangers
Mon, 4/8/13 MLBN 4:15 PM Reds Cardinals
or Yankees/Indians (4:05p)
ESPN 7:05 PM Mets Phillies
Tue, 4/9/13 MLBN 6:40 PM Dodgers Padres
or White Sox/Nats (7:05p)
MLBN 10:05 PM Athletics Angels
or Astros/Mariners (10:10p)
Thu, 4/11/13 MLBN 7:10 PM Orioles Red Sox
or Yankees/Indians (7:05p)
Fri, 4/12/13 MLBN 7:05 PM Braves Nationals
or Phillies/Marlins (7:10p)
Sat, 4/13/13 FOX 1:05 PM Braves Nationals
Giants Cubs
Rays Red Sox
MLBN 7:05 PM Reds Pirates
or Blue Jays/Royals (7:10p)
Sun, 4/14/13 TBS 1:35 PM Rays Red Sox
ESPN 8:05 PM Orioles Yankees
Mon., 4/15/13 ESPN 7:10 PM Phillies Reds  
Tue, 4/16/13 MLBN 7:10 PM Phillies Reds
or D’Backs/Yankees (7:05p)
Wed, 4/17/13 MLBN 12:10 PM Royals Braves
MLBN 7:05 PM Cardinals Pirates
ESPN2 7:10 PM Phillies Reds  
Thu, 4/18/13 MLBN 1:10 PM Giants Brewers
or Rangers/Cubs (2:20p)
MLBN 7:05 PM Cardinals Phillies
or Marlins/Reds (7:10p)
Fri, 4/19/13 MLBN 7:05 PM Nationals Mets
Sat, 4/20/13 MLBN 1:05 PM Royals Red Sox  
FOX 3:05 PM Tigers Angels
Nationals Mets
Twins White Sox
MLBN 7:05 PM Cardinals Phillies
or Braves/Pirates
Sun, 4/21/13 TBS 1:35 PM Dodgers Orioles
ESPN 8:05 PM Cardinals Phillies
Mon., 4/22/13 ESPN 7:10 PM Yankees Rays  
Tue, 4/23/13 MLBN 7:05 PM Cardinals Nationals
or Yankees/Rays (7:10p)
Wed, 4/24/13 MLBN 1:05 PM Cardinals Nationals
or Cubs/Reds (12:35p)
ESPN 7:10 PM Dodgers Mets  
Thu, 4/25/13 MLBN 7:05 PM Blue Jays Yankees
or Reds/Nats
Fri, 4/26/13 MLBN 7:05 PM Braves Tigers
or Blue Jays/Yankees
Sat, 4/27/13 FOX 1:05 PM Reds Nationals
Braves Tigers
Phillies Mets
MLBN 9:10 PM Brewers Dodgers
or Giants/Padres (8:40p)
Sun, 4/28/13 TBS 1:05 PM Blue Jays Yankees
ESPN 8:00 PM Braves Tigers
Tue, 4/30/13 MLBN 8:15 PM Reds Cardinals
or Padres/Cubs (8:05p)
Sat, 5/4/13 FOX 4:05 PM Nationals Pirates
Cardinals Brewers
Orioles Angels
Sun, 5/5/13 TBS 1:35 PM Mets Braves
ESPN 8:00 PM Dodgers Giants
Sun, 5/12/13 TBS 1:35 PM Blue Jays Red Sox
ESPN 8:05 PM Angels White Sox
Sat, 5/18/13 FOX 4:05 PM Rays Orioles
White Sox Angels
Reds Phillies
Sun, 5/19/13 TBS 1:35 PM Dodgers Braves
ESPN 8:05 PM Tigers Rangers
Sat, 5/25/13 FOX 7:15 PM Phillies Nationals
Braves Mets
Cardinals Dodgers
Athletics Astros
Marlins White Sox
Sun, 5/26/13 TBS 1:40 PM Yankees Rays
ESPN 8:05 PM Braves Mets
Sat, 6/1/13 FOX 7:15 PM Diamondbacks Cubs
Red Sox Yankees
Nationals Braves
Giants Cardinals
Reds Pirates
Sat, 6/8/13 FOX 7:15 PM Padres Rockies
Astros Royals
Angels Red Sox
Phillies Brewers
Cardinals Reds
Sat, 6/15/13 FOX 7:15 PM White Sox Astros
Tigers Twins
Yankees Angels
Mariners Athletics
Nationals Indians
Sat, 6/22/13 FOX 7:15 PM Rangers Cardinals
Twins Indians
Dodgers Padres
Reds Diamondbacks
Red Sox Tigers
Sat, 6/29/13 FOX 7:15 PM Brewers Pirates
Yankees Orioles
Tigers Rays
Reds Rangers
Cubs Mariners
Sat, 7/6/13 FOX 7:15 PM Braves Phillies
White Sox Rays
Astros Rangers
Mets Brewers
Dodgers Giants
Sat, 7/13/13 FOX 7:15 PM Mets Pirates
Cardinals Cubs
Rangers Tigers
Nationals Marlins
Rockies Dodgers
Sun, 7/14/13 ESPN 8:05 PM Cardinals Cubs
Sat, 7/20/13 FOX 4:05 PM Braves White Sox
Yankees Red Sox
Pirates Reds
Sun, 7/21/13 ESPN 8:05 PM Yankees Red Sox
Sat, 7/27/13 FOX 3:05 PM Cardinals Braves
Mets Nationals
Angels Athletics
Sat, 8/3/13 FOX 4:05 PM Dodgers Cubs
Rangers Athletics
Braves Phillies
Sat, 8/10/13 FOX 4:05 PM Twins White Sox
Orioles Giants
Rays Dodgers
Sat, 8/17/13 FOX 4:05 PM Giants Marlins
Yankees Red Sox
Diamondbacks Pirates
Sat, 8/24/13 FOX 4:05 PM Athletics Orioles
Tigers Mets
Red Sox Dodgers
Sat, 9/7/13 FOX 1:05 PM Dodgers Reds
Red Sox Yankees
Brewers Cubs
Sat, 9/14/13 FOX 1:05 PM Reds Brewers
Yankees Red Sox
Athletics Rangers