2013 NFL Regular Season TV Schedule

Here is the complete 2013 NFL regular season TV schedule on NBC, FOX, CBS, ESPN and NFL Network. Click here to jump to the schedule. Team-by-team schedules available here.

The unofficial start of the NFL season will be August 4, when the Cowboys and Dolphins square off in the Hall of Fame Game on NBC. The Hall of Fame Game will be one of 11 preseason games on NBC, FOX, CBS or ESPN, with several more games likely to air on NFL Network.

The regular season will begin with the NFL Kickoff Game on September 5. Due to a scheduling conflict with the Orioles, the defending champion Ravens will open on the road against the Broncos in a rematch of last year’s AFC Divisional Round. The Ravens’ home opener will take place in Week 2 against the Browns, part of regional coverage on CBS.

The first “Sunday Night Football” game of the season will feature the Giants and Cowboys, while “Monday Night Football” will open with a Philly/Washington and Texans/Chargers doubleheader. NFL Network’s “Thursday Night Football” package debuts in Week 2 with Jets/Patriots.

There will be a pair of NFL games from London this season. Steelers/Vikings in Week 4 will air at 1 PM on CBS, while 49ers/Jaguars in Week 8 will air at 1 PM on FOX.

Team-By-Team NFL Schedules

AFC East: Jets, Pats, Bills, Dolphins
AFC North: Ravens, Browns, Steelers, Bengals
AFC South: Texans, Jaguars, Colts, Titans
AFC West: Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs
NFC East: Cowboys, Washington, Eagles, Giants
NFC North: Lions, Bears, Vikings, Packers
NFC South: Bucs, Falcons, Panthers, Saints
NFC West: Cards, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams

2013 NFL Regular Season TV Schedule

Subject to change
Starting in Week 11, Sunday night games are subject to flex scheduling
Date Window Network Time (ET) Away Home
Sun., 12/22/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Saints Panthers
Vikings Bengals
Bucs Rams
Cowboys Washington
4:05 PM Giants Lions
Cards Seahawks
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Dolphins Bills
Broncos Texans
Titans Jags
Colts Chiefs
Browns Jets
National CBS 4:25 PM Patriots Ravens
AFC Champ. rematch
Raiders Chargers
Steelers Packers
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Bears Eagles
Mon., 12/23/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Falcons Niners
Sun., 12/29/13 Early FOX 1:00 PM Panthers Falcons
Lions Vikings
Washington Giants
Early CBS 1:00 PM Ravens Bengals
Steelers Browns
Jags Colts
Jets Dolphins
Texans Titans
Late FOX 4:25 PM Packers Bears
Bucs Saints
Niners Cards
Rams Seahawks
Late CBS 4:25 PM Bills Pats
Broncos Raiders
Chiefs Chargers
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Eagles Cowboys
Sun., 8/4/13 HOF Game NBC 8:00 PM Cowboys Dolphins
Thu., 8/8/13 Special ESPN 8:00 PM Bengals Falcons
Thu., 8/15/13 Special ESPN 8:00 PM Chargers Bears
Fri., 8/16/13 Special FOX 8:00 PM Bucs Patriots
Sun., 8/18/13 Special FOX 8:00 PM Colts Giants
Mon., 8/19/13 MNF ESPN 8:00 PM Steelers Washington
Thu., 8/22/13 Special ESPN 8:00 PM Panthers Ravens
Fri., 8/23/13 Special CBS 8:00 PM Seahawks Packers
Sat., 8/24/13 Special CBS 8:00 PM Rams Broncos
Sun., 8/25/13 Special FOX 4:00 PM Saints Texans
SNF NBC 8:00 PM Vikings 49ers
Thu., 9/5/13 Kickoff NBC 8:00 PM Ravens Broncos
playoff rematch
Sun., 9/8/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Pats Bills
Bengals Bears
Dolphins Browns
Raiders Colts
Chiefs Jaguars
Titans Steelers
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Seahawks Panthers
Vikings Lions
Falcons Saints
Bucs Jets
National FOX 4:25 PM Packers Niners
Cards Rams
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Giants Cowboys
Mon., 9/9/13 MNF ESPN 6:55 PM Eagles Washington
MNF ESPN 10:15 PM Texans Chargers
Thu., 9/12/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Jets Patriots
Sun., 9/15/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Rams Falcons
Panthers Bills
Vikings Bears
Washington Packers
Cowboys Chiefs
4:05 PM Lions Cards
Saints Bucs
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Browns Ravens
Titans Texans
Dolphins Colts
Chargers Eagles
National CBS 4:25 PM Broncos Giants
Peyton vs. Eli
Jaguars Raiders
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Niners Seahawks
Mon., 9/16/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Steelers Bengals
Thu., 9/19/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Chiefs Eagles
Sun., 9/22/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Rams Cowboys
Packers Bengals
Giants Panthers
Bucs Pats
Cards Saints
Lions Washington
4:05 PM Falcons Dolphins
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Texans Ravens
Browns Vikings
Chargers Titans
National CBS 4:25 PM Colts Niners
Jags Seahawks
Bills Jets
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Bears Steelers
Mon., 9/23/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Raiders Broncos
Thu., 9/26/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Niners Rams
Sun., 9/29/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Ravens Bills
Bengals Browns
Colts Jags
Steelers Vikings
from London
4:05 PM Jets Titans
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Bears Lions
Seahawks Texans
Giants Chiefs
Cards Bucs
National FOX 4:25 PM Eagles Broncos
Cowboys Chargers
Washington Raiders
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Patriots Falcons
Mon., 9/30/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Dolphins Saints
Thu., 10/3/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Bills Browns
Sun., 10/6/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Saints Bears
Lions Packers
Seahawks Colts
Eagles Giants
4:05 PM Panthers Cards
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Pats Bengals
Ravens Dolphins
Jags Rams
Chiefs Titans
National CBS 4:25 PM Broncos Cowboys
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Texans Niners
Special NFLN 11:35 PM Chargers Raiders
Moved due to MLB playoffs
Mon., 10/7/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Jets Falcons
Thu., 10/10/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Giants Bears
Sun., 10/13/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Bengals Bills
Raiders Chiefs
Steelers Jets
4:05 PM Titans Seahawks
Jags Broncos
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Packers Ravens
Lions Browns
Rams Texans
Panthers Vikings
Eagles Bucs
National FOX 4:25 PM Saints Pats
Cards Niners
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Washington Cowboys
Mon., 10/14/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Colts Chargers
Thu., 10/17/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Seahawks Cards
Sun., 10/20/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Bucs Falcons
Rams Panthers
Cowboys Eagles
Bears Washington
4:05 PM Niners Titans
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Bengals Lions
Chargers Jags
Bills Dolphins
Pats Jets
National CBS 4:25 PM Texans Chiefs
Ravens Steelers
Browns Packers
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Broncos Colts
Peyton return to IND
Mon., 10/21/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Vikings Giants
Thu., 10/24/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Panthers Bucs
Sun., 10/27/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Browns Chiefs
Dolphins Pats
Bills Saints
4:05 PM Jets Bengals
Steelers Raiders
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Cowboys Lions
Niners Jaguars
from London
Giants Eagles
National FOX 4:25 PM Washington Broncos
Falcons Cards
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Packers Vikings
Mon., 10/28/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Seahawks Rams
Thu., 10/31/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Bengals Dolphins
Sun., 11/3/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Falcons Panthers
Vikings Cowboys
Saints Jets
4:05 PM Eagles Raiders
Bucs Seahawks
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Chiefs Bills
Titans Rams
Chargers Washington
National CBS 4:25 PM Steelers Pats
Ravens Browns
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Colts Texans
Mon., 11/4/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Bears Packers
Thu., 11/7/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Washington Vikings
Sun., 11/10/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Seahawks Falcons
Lions Bears
Eagles Packers
Rams Colts
4:05 PM Panthers Niners
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Bengals Ravens
Raiders Giants
Bills Steelers
Jags Titans
National CBS 4:25 PM Broncos Chargers
Texans Cards
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Cowboys Saints
Mon., 11/11/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Dolphins Bucs
Thu., 11/14/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Colts Titans
Sun., 11/17/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Jets Bills
Ravens Bears
Browns Bengals
Raiders Texans
4:05 PM Chargers Dolphins
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Cards Jags
Washington Eagles
Lions Steelers
Falcons Bucs
National FOX 4:25 PM Niners Saints
Packers Giants
Vikings Seahawks
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Chiefs Broncos
Mon., 11/18/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Patriots Panthers
Thu., 11/21/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Saints Falcons
Sun., 11/24/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Jets Ravens
Steelers Browns
Jags Texans
Chargers Chiefs
4:05 PM Colts Cards
Titans Raiders
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Bucs Lions
Vikings Packers
Panthers Dolphins
Bears Rams
National FOX 4:25 PM Cowboys Giants
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Broncos Patriots
Mon., 11/25/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Niners Washington
Thu., 11/28/13 Special FOX 12:30 PM Packers Lions
Special CBS 4:30 PM Raiders Cowboys
Special NBC 8:20 PM Steelers Ravens
Sun., 12/1/13 Single FOX 1:00 PM Bucs Panthers
Bears Vikings
Cards Eagles
4:05 PM Falcons Bills
Rams Niners
Regional CBS 1:00 PM Pats Texans
Jags Browns
Titans Colts
Dolphins Jets
National CBS 4:25 PM Broncos Chiefs
Bengals Chargers
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Giants Washington
Mon., 12/2/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Saints Seahawks
Thu., 12/5/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Texans Jaguars
Sun., 12/8/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Colts Bengals
Browns Pats
Raiders Jets
Dolphins Steelers
Bills Bucs
Chiefs Washington
4:05 PM Titans Broncos
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Vikings Ravens
Lions Eagles
Falcons Packers
National FOX 4:25 PM Seahawks Niners
Giants Chargers
Rams Cards
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Panthers Saints
Mon., 12/9/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Cowboys Bears
DAL’s only MNF game
Thu., 12/12/13 TNF NFLN 8:25 PM Chargers Broncos
Sun., 12/15/13 Single CBS 1:00 PM Texans Colts
Bills Jags
Pats Dolphins
4:05 PM Jets Panthers
Chiefs Raiders
Regional FOX 1:00 PM Washington Falcons
Bears Browns
Eagles Vikings
Seahawks Giants
Niners Bucs
National FOX 4:25 PM Packers Cowboys
Saints Rams
Cards Titans
SNF NBC 8:20 PM Bengals Steelers
Mon., 12/16/13 MNF ESPN 8:30 PM Ravens Lions