2012-13 NHL Lockout Ends


The 2012-13 NHL lockout has officially ended.

Less than a week after reaching a tentative deal on a new collective bargaining agreement, National Hockey League owners have lifted their nearly four-month lockout of players.

The abbreviated 48-game NHL regular season will begin next Saturday. The NBC broadcast network will televise Blackhawks/Kings and Penguins/Flyers regionally on the first day of the season.

The regular season is scheduled to end on April 27, two weeks after the original April 13 season finale. The 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs will begin April 30.

The 2012-13 NHL lockout was the fourth work stoppage in NHL history (one players’ strike and three owner-imposed lockouts). The NHL has now endured two shortened seasons and one canceled season in Gary Bettman‘s two-decade tenure as commissioner, a run of futility and incompetence unmatched by any other major pro sport.

List of Labor-Management Disputes in Sports
Since 1994 Major League Baseball strike

League Season Duration Type Result
NHL 1994-95 10/1/94-1/13/95 Lockout (Owner-imposed) Season shortened to 48 games
NBA 1995 7/1/95-9/18/95 Lockout (Owner-imposed) No games canceled
NBA 1996 7/11/96 Lockout (Owner-imposed) No games canceled
NBA 1998-99 7/1/98-1/21/99 Lockout (Owner-imposed) Season shortened to 50 games
NHL 2004-05 9/16/04-7/22/05 Lockout (Owner-imposed) Entire season canceled
NFL 2011 3/12/11-7/25/11 Lockout (Owner-imposed) Hall of Fame Game canceled
NBA 2011-12 7/1/11-12/8/11 Lockout (Owner-imposed) Season shortened to 66 games
NHL 2012-13 9/15/12-1/12/13 Lockout (Owner-imposed) Season shortened to 48 games

(Saturday’s news from Los Angeles Times)