Idle Notes: Dodgers’ TV Deal Results in New RSN (Also: CBS/Catholic 7, NBA Countdown)


The Dodgers have agreed to a lengthy and lucrative television deal that involves the creation of a new regional sports network. In other news, CBS Sports has an eye on “Catholic 7″ television rights, and ESPN will send its NBA pregame show on the road for the Super Bowl.

  • New RSN Centerpiece of Dodgers’ TWC Deal: The Los Angeles Dodgers and Time Warner Cable have agreed to a “television rights partnership” that will result in the creation of a new L.A.-based regional sports network. Under the deal, worth up to $8 billion over the next 25 years, Dodgers games will air on “SportsNet LA” starting in the 2014 season. (, The New York Times)
  • MacManus: CBS Wants “Catholic 7″ Deal: CBS Sports is interested in acquiring television rights to the “Catholic 7″ college basketball conference, CBS Sports chairman Sean MacManus told Sports Illustrated in a piece published Sunday. CBS has already spoken with the former Big East schools, MacManus said, with the intention of acquiring rights for both CBS and the CBS Sports Network. (
  • ESPN NBA Pregame Heads to New Orleans For Super Bowl: ESPN’s “NBA Countdown” NBA pregame show will air live from New Orleans Wednesday night, part of the network’s 120 hours of Super Bowl coverage. The episode, says ESPN, will mark the first time that ESPN’s NBA studio show has hit the road for the regular season. (ESPN Media Zone)