NFL Playoffs: Nearly 10 Million Fewer Viewers For Ravens/Pats, But Still Huge Draw


The AFC Championship Game earned television’s largest audience since last year’s Super Bowl, but still suffered a sizable decline.

Last Sunday’s Ravens/Patriots AFC Championship Game drew a 25.5 final rating and 47.7 million viewers on CBS, down 17% in ratings and viewership from Giants/49ers on FOX last year (30.6, 57.6M), and down 10% and 13%, respectively, from Jets/Steelers on CBS in 2011 (28.3, 54.9M).

The game ranks as the lowest rated and least-viewed Conference Championship Game in the late window since Ravens/Steelers in 2009 (22.0, 40.6M).

Ravens/Patriots also declined from the same matchup in the AFC title game last year, which aired in the early window (27.4, 48.7M).

Despite the lower numbers, Sunday’s game earned the seventh-largest non-Super Bowl sports TV audience of the past decade.

(Sunday’s numbers from Sports Business Daily)

  • bebybiggybo

    The three consecutive year viewer record will end this year.

    The ‘Harbowl’ and the Ray Lewis retiring storylines aren’t very attractive but that’s all this Super Bowl has to work with.

    Seeing how the Harbaughs have already met (albeit regular season last year), other than the uniqueness of the Super Bowl being at stake, it doesn’t seem like a huge draw to viewers swaying whether they’ll tune in or not. Ray Lewis, love him or hate him, I’m sure that pendulum swings in favor of the ‘not love’ at its apex

    The Ravens own the lowest-rated Super Bowl ratings in the 21st century – and the 3rd lowest in the last 20 years.

    The 49ers have historically failed to swoon viewers by-the-numbers and have the worst ratings of the ‘Dynasty; teams.

    Where’s the household names in this Super Bowl? It’s really lacking that department. Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco’s ego is about the extent of it.

    Saving graces: Commercials and the Super Bowl being a ‘national holiday’ and possibly Beyonce.

    The social juggernaut we call the Super Bowl is still alive and well that way. Post-recession is flexing its muscle and the spending mood seems to be in the favor of the consumer.

    And no one wants to be left out at the Monday water cooler Super Bowl commercial discussion – even if you can’t pronounce the 49ers quarterback’s name because you just learned it on Feb. 3rd (in the year of our football Lord) 2013.

    I suppose last Monday’s infamous lip-sync National Anthem will pique further interest to the beloved halftime show – critics be damned.