NFL Playoffs: Texans/Patriots Tops the Charts, But Down Double-Digits


The final game of the Divisional Round hit a three-year low in overnight ratings on CBS.

The Texans/Patriots AFC Divisional Round game drew a 23.8 overnight rating on CBS, down 13% from Giants/Packers on FOX last year (27.4), and down 9% from Jets/Patriots on CBS in 2011 (26.2).

The 23.8 is the lowest for the late Sunday Divisional Round window since Jets/Chargers in 2010 (23.1).

Despite the decline, Texans/Patriots earned the top overnight of the weekend. The Patriots’ easy win — they led 31-13 after three quarters — finished comfortably ahead of the classic Ravens/Broncos (21.6) and Seahawks/Falcons (21.3) games.

Of course, that can be primarily attributed to the cushy late Sunday afternoon timeslot. Whether in the regular season or the playoffs, the 4:30 PM Sunday NFL game typically earns the top television audience of the week.

Overnight Ratings For Late Sunday Divisional Round Window
Past decade

(Sunday’s overnight from CBS Press Express)