Big Names: CBS Has No Plans to Address Marino Controversy (Also: Brett Favre, Billy Hunter)


CBS NFL analyst Dan Marino is not expected to address his recent controversy during Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast. In other news, Brett Favre will join NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage on Sunday, and NBPA leader Billy Hunter has been placed on leave.

  • CBS Will Not Address Marino Controversy: CBS Sports does not plan to address the controversy involving NFL analyst Dan Marino during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast. Marino admitted this week that he fathered a child with a CBS production assistant in 2005. In an interview published Friday, CBS Sports president Sean MacManus told Sports Business Daily that while the network had not yet made a decision, Marino’s initial statement regarding the matter would suffice. Sports Business Daily)
  • Favre Joins NFL Network For Super Bowl: Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre, who was widely expected to join the broadcasting ranks after his career ended, will join NFL Network for Super Bowl pregame coverage Sunday. Favre will contribute to the 8 1/2 hour “NFL Gameday Morning” pregame show, working alongside Rich Eisen and numerous analysts. (NFL Communications)
  • NBPA’s Hunter on Leave: The National Basketball Players Association executive committee has unanimously decided to place executive director Billy Hunter on indefinite paid leave. Hunter, who has led the union since 1996, has come under fire over the past year for numerous alleged conflicts of interest. According to The New York Times, the union may decide whether to retain Hunter during the NBA All-Star break. Of note, the two previous union leaders — Charles Grantham and the late Simon Gourdine — were also ousted in a rash of union infighting. (The New York Times)