Blackhawks’ Point Streak Helps NBC to Strong Overnight Sunday


The Chicago Blackhawks’ run of success resulted in one of NBC’s largest regular season NHL overnights.

Sunday’s Blackhawks/Red Wings NHL regular season game, which extended the Blackhawks’ points streak to 22 games, earned a 1.6 overnight rating on NBC — up 60% from Bruins/Rangers last year (1.0), and up 78% from Flyers/Rangers in 2011 (0.9).

Excluding the Winter Classic, the 1.6 overnight is the second-highest for a regular season NHL telecast on NBC since the network resumed airing games in the 2005-06 season. Only regional coverage on Opening Day this season (2.0) earned a better overnight.

Blackhawks/Red Wings outdrew four of the five men’s college basketball games on CBS over the weekend (Sunday’s Michigan State/Michigan game had a 1.7), but unsurprisingly trailed the NBA and NASCAR.

Locally, Sunday’s game earned a 9.7 rating in Chicago — the market’s highest of the season for any Blackhawks game, and the second-best ever for the Blackhawks on NBC.

(Sunday’s local/national numbers from Puck the Media)

  • Sam Rosem

    Chicago Blackhawks may have turned into the league’s ratings contributor. The game yesterday was thrilling and that’s what the NHL needs as this was an impressive rating as I didn’t know it dominated most of those college basketball games like that. The streak story helps the league get noticed on a national level because its more of a sports story than it is a hockey story so the longer the Hawks keep this streak going the better it is for the NHL.

    The league itself has been hot unexpectedly after the lockout as they have not lost any of the growth they’ve had going since the 2005-06 season. The playoffs should be very interesting to see where the ratings are at as well.