NBA Playoffs: Ugly Numbers Continue For Grizzlies/Spurs


Even with an overtime finish, Game 2 of the Grizzlies/Spurs series was a poor draw on ESPN.

Game 2 of the Grizzlies/Spurs NBA Western Conference Finals drew 4.6 million viewers on ESPN Tuesday night, down 48% from Celtics/Heat Game 2 last year (8.8M), and down 34% from Thunder/Mavericks Game 2 in 2011 (7.0M).

Compared to Game 2 of last year’s Thunder/Spurs WCF on TNT (7.3M), Tuesday’s viewership declined 37%.

Grizzlies/Spurs Game 2 ranks as the least-viewed conference final game on cable since Jazz/Spurs Game 5 in 2007 (4.0M). Every single conference final game from 2008-2012 drew at least five million viewers, and every game from 2009-12 drew at least six million.

The series even pales in comparison to the second round of this year’s playoffs. Grizzlies/Thunder Game 2 drew 4.8 million viewers on TNT May 7, and Warriors/Spurs Game 2 scored 5.3 million on TNT May 8.

Final ratings and viewership were not immediately available for Sunday’s Grizzlies/Spurs Game 1 on ABC. The game drew a 3.9 overnight rating.

(Tue. numbers from TV By the Numbers)

  • JakeFrankie

    How do these “ugly” numbers compare to the MLB or NHL Conference Finals?……. If the NBA’s is ugly, The other 2 sports Conference Finals ratings are beyond horrible if Im not mistaken.

    • MadLark

      Last year the ALCS averaged about 6 million viewers. They did have the Yankees though. NLCS peaked at 5.8 before people left for the NFL and Presidential debates.

  • Leyo Mayo

    That is why the Lakers is TV ratings King in the NBA in all of sports. The Lakers can attract huge numbers regardless the opponents.

    • Burnie Harner

      That’s because everybody loves a good reality TV show