NBA Finals Ratings: Game 5 Overnight Strong, But Hits 4-Year Low


The fifth game of the NBA Finals put up strong numbers Sunday night, but still hit a four-year low.

Game 5 of the Heat/Spurs NBA Finals drew an 11.4 overnight rating on ABC Sunday night, down 10% from Thunder/Heat Game 5 last year (12.6) and Heat/Mavericks Game 5 in 2011 (12.6).

The 11.4 is the lowest for a Game 5 in the NBA Finals since Lakers/Magic in 2009 (9.4), and is the second-lowest for a Game 5 since 2006.

With that said, the 11.4 also ranks as the highest for a Game 5 involving the Spurs since 1999 (11.9).

The 11.4 is also the second-highest of the Spurs/Heat series, trailing only Game 4 on Thursday (12.0).

Locally, Game 5 drew a 37.6 rating in San Antonio — down 16% from Spurs/Pistons Game 5 in 2005 (45.0), and down 14% from Thursday’s series-high 43.7.

The game drew a series-low 28.8 in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, down 29% from last year’s Game 5 (40.3), and down 12% from Game 5 in 2011 (32.7).

Overnight Ratings For Game 5 of the NBA Finals

Involving the Spurs


(Sun. overnight from ESPN Media Zone)

  • Jones

    I predict that Game 6 will reach 10.5-11…

  • awgesch

    Haven’t been watching all series because I thought Miami would win. Now that they have a chance to lose I’ll be tuning in. I can’t be the only one doing this…

  • Imran Yunis

    As a comparison, does anyone know what the avg rating is for an NFL Sunday night or Monday night game?

    • Paulsen

      SNF averaged a 12.8 final rating (not overnight) on NBC, MNF averaged an 8.2 on ESPN.

      • JakeFrankie

        What is the range the game will finish between 9.0-10.0 I would think right?

  • David Person

    I still believe this is good for the NBA. These NBA Finals have destroyed the World Series and they had bigger markets competing. I understand the NBA does not face the competition that MLB faces but this decline of the World Series is not only because of Football it’s because young fans are not that interested in the MLB anymore.

    • BIG ED

      Some NFL games go H2H vs MLB Postseason.