Stanley Cup Final: Game 6 Scores Big Overnight, But Not Quite Record-Setting


Judging by the Game 6 numbers, NBC could have done quite well with a Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Game 6 of the Blackhawks/Bruins Stanley Cup Final drew a 5.6 overnight rating on NBC Monday night, up 40% from Devils/Kings Game 6 last year (4.0), and up 44% from Canucks/Bruins Game 6 in 2011 (3.9).

The 5.6 is the second-highest for a Game 6 in the Stanley Cup Final since the league returned to broadcast in 1995, trailing only Blackhawks/Flyers Game 6 in 2010 (5.8).

In addition, the 5.6 is tied as the fourth-highest for any NHL telecast over that same span.

Game 6 drew a 33.0 rating in Boston, down 1% from Canucks/Bruins in 2011 (33.3). In Chicago, the game drew a 30.2 — down 8% from Blackhawks/Flyers Game 6 in 2010 (32.8).

5 Highest NHL Overnight Ratings

Since League Returned to Broadcast in 1995

(Wed. overnight from NBC Sports Group Press Box)

  • JayWeezy

    Very good for the NHL, it looks promising when the final numbers are in.

    Game 6 back in 2010 had overtime and the Hawks surged late so it was a bit of a different scenario.

    Ratings wise I would’ve loved to had seen what a game 7 could do but either way it goes that was an awesome finish.

    For the NHL this is great great because the Chicago Blackhawks have a chance to be a dynasty and a regular tendent in the Stanley Cup Finals so everytime their in the round the ratings are going up and up every year.