MLB All-Star Ratings: Final Numbers Up Slightly From Last Year’s Record-Low


The MLB All-Star Game narrowly avoided an all-time record low in ratings and viewership.

The 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game drew a 6.9 rating and 11.0 million viewers on FOX Tuesday night, according to Nielsen fast-nationals — up 1% in ratings and viewership from last year’s all-time record low (6.8, 10.9M), and even in both measures compared to 2011 (6.9, 11.0M).

Tuesday’s game is tied as the second-lowest rated and second-least viewed MLB All-Star Game ever, ahead of only last year.

Over the past four years, ratings for the MLB All-Star Game have ranged from 6.8 to 7.5. To put that in perspective, the lowest rating over the previous 60 years was an 8.1.

Despite the near record-low, the 2013 MLB All-Star Game was the first since 2008 to have an increase in ratings or viewership compared to the previous year. The 2008 game also took place in New York City, earning a 9.3 rating and 14.5 million viewers for the first nine innings.

The All-Star Game also had double-digit increases among young women — 10% among women 18-49 (2.2), 11% among women 18-34 (2.1), and strangely enough, a whopping 50% among girls 12-17 (0.9). Among men 18-34, however, ratings declined 13%.

The MLB All-Star Game again trailed the NFL Pro Bowl (7.1, 12.2M), which for the fourth straight year ranks as the most-viewed All-Star telecast in any sport. However, the game did easily outdraw the NBA All-Star Game on TNT (4.6, 8.0M).

For the year, the All-Star Game ranks as the 34th-most viewed sporting event on any network.

(Tue. numbers from Fox Sports)