MLB All-Star Ratings: Despite N.Y. Factor, ASG Ties Second-Lowest Overnight


Even with the nation’s #1 market hosting the game, overnight ratings for the MLB All-Star Game were among the worst ever.

The 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game drew an 8.1 overnight rating on FOX Tuesday night, even with last year (8.1), and up 3% from 2011 (7.9).

The 8.1 overnight is tied as the second-lowest ever for the MLB All-Star Game, ahead of only 2011.

The five lowest MLB All-Star Game overnights have taken place within the last decade — 2005 (9.8), 2010 (9.3), 2012 and 2013 (8.1) and 2011 (7.9).

The last time the All-Star Game took place in New York City (2008), the first nine innings drew an 11.0 overnight. Because the game went into extra innings, Nielsen issued a separate rating for the rest of the game.

Despite the lower numbers, the MLB All-Star Game still earned a higher overnight than the NFL Pro Bowl on NBC (7.7) and the NBA All-Star Game on TNT (5.9).

Detroit was the top market for Tuesday’s game, with a 20.3 rating — up 26% from last year. St. Louis, which had been the top All-Star market for the six previous years, ranked second with a 16.4 (-20%). Kansas City (13.9), Cincinnati (12.8) and Baltimore (12.6) rounded out the top five.

Host market New York City earned an 11.3 rating for the game, down 40% from Kansas City last year (18.7), but up 7% from Phoenix in 2011 (10.6). Of course, as New York is by far the nation’s largest television market, that 11.3 rating translates to significantly more homes than last year.

(Tue. numbers from MLB PR)