NFL Preseason: ESPN Hits Another Multi-Year Low


For the second straight week, ESPN hit a multi-year low for NFL preseason action.

Thursday’s Chargers/Bears NFL preseason game drew just under 3.0 million viewers on ESPN, down 45% from Cowboys/Raiders on a Monday last year (5.4M), and down 40% from Jets/Texans on a Monday in 2011 (5.0M).

Chargers/Bears ranks as the least-viewed NFL preseason game on ESPN since at least 2007 (viewership prior to 2008 was not available). The previous low was set a week earlier by Bengals/Falcons (3.1M).

Dating back to last year, the past three preseason games on ESPN have ranked as the network’s three least-viewed since 2007.

Overall, Chargers/Bears ranks as the least-viewed preseason game on ESPN, NBC, FOX or CBS since Jaguars/Washington on NBC in 2008 (2.8M).

Despite the lower numbers, Thursday’s game drew more viewers than ESPN’s top MLB telecast of the season — Yankees/Red Sox on July 21 (2.6M).

(Thu. numbers from The Futon Critic)

  • JayWeezy

    I got a request can we get all of the NBC Sports numbers for Premier League, Gymnastics, and Track & Field this weekend?

    • Paulsen

      I’ll see if I can get those numbers.

      • JayWeezy

        Thanks for getting all of those numbers posted, I appreciate it.

    • Paulsen

      I wrote about the track & field and Premier League numbers already, but here are the gymnastics overnights: 1.7 overnight on Saturday, 0.8 on Sunday.

  • odmike

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