World Series TV Ratings: Red Sox’ Blowout Earns Third-Worst Game 1 Overnight

Posted by | October 24, 2013 at 11:47 AM

Even with the Red Sox involved, Game 1 of the World Series did not do very well on FOX.

Game 1 of the Cardinals/Red Sox World Series drew a 9.4 overnight rating on FOX Wednesday night, up 7% from Tigers/Giants Game 1 last year (8.8), but down 2% from Rangers/Cardinals Game 1 in 2011 (9.6).

The 9.4 overnight is the third-lowest ever for Game 1 of the World Series, ahead of only last year and Cardinals/Tigers Game 1 in 2006 (8.6). Excluding Saturday night games, the 9.4 is the fourth-lowest for any World Series game — ahead of only Games 1 and 2 of Tigers/Giants last year (8.8) and Phillies/Rays Game 2 in 2008 (9.2).

Cardinals/Red Sox Game 1 trailed the opener of Rangers/Cardinals in 2011 (9.6), and was a full point lower than Game 1 of Rangers/Giants in 2010 (10.4).

The last time the Red Sox played in the World Series (2007), Game 1 against the Rockies drew an 11.8 overnight. The last time the Red Sox played the Cardinals (2004) — a series inflated by the ‘curse’ — Game 1 drew a 15.2 overnight.

The Red Sox’ easy win likely had something to do with the lower numbers. According to Major League Baseball, the Game 1 overnight peaked with an 11.2 in the second inning. Last year’s Game 1 — also a blowout — peaked at a 9.7, and Game 1 in 2011 peaked at a 10.9.

The 11.2 is the highest peak rating for Game 1 of the World Series since Rangers/Giants in 2010, which topped out at a 11.9.

Of note, Wednesday’s Game 1 had a lower overnight rating than the much-maligned Vikings/Giants “Monday Night Football” game (9.5).

(Game 1 overnight from MLB_PR verified Twitter account)

  • David Person

    Many are saying game one of the world series beat out this years Nba Finals game one is absolutely false. World Series overnight: 9.5/ NBA Finals overnight: 10.6. When the final rating for the world series is release I bet it gets below an eight.

  • JakeFrankie

    I think the World Series will be in the 8.0′s, Maybe will get to a 9.0. But even with 7 games I cannot see it touching the NBA Finals rating. People always said NBA had High Profile teams, Nobody can complain and say MLB didn’t have to 2 high profile teams. Boston and St.Louis in my opinion are the 2 BEST Baseball Cities in America, Maybe due to the blowout but I’m shocked how lackluster this game 1 rating is without any College Football or NFL Compeition.

    Paulsen Who got a higher 1st game rating in Boston Bruins in 2013 SC or Red Sox in 2013 WS? Just wondering

  • Elvin Vinicio