World Series TV Ratings: Red Sox Coronation Earns Strong Overnight on FOX

Posted by | October 31, 2013 at 11:41 AM

Getting to a sixth game of the World Series was a boon for Fox Sports.

Game 6 of the Cardinals/Red Sox World Series drew a 12.5 overnight rating on FOX Wednesday night, down 9% from Rangers/Cardinals Game 6 in 2011 (13.8), and down 19% from Phillies/Yankees Game 6 in 2009, the most recent Game 6 clincher (15.5).

The 12.5 overnight is the highest of the Red Sox/Cardinals series, topping the previous high of 10.5 for Game 4 on Sunday night. Final ratings for the series have declined between 9% and 14% from the overnight, putting Wednesday’s finale on pace to finish in the 10.7-11.4 range.

In addition, the 12.5 is the third-highest for any Major League Baseball telecast since 2009, trailing only Rangers/Cardinals Game 6 in 2011 (13.8) and Game 7 of the same series (16.2). No other game over that span has drawn even an 11.0 overnight.

The 12.5 is also the third-highest for any non-Yankee World Series game since 2007, the last time the Red Sox won the World Series.

Game 6 will almost certainly finish as the first of the series to earn a double-digit final rating. With that said, Game 6 will not be enough to lift Red Sox/Cardinals to a double-digit average.

The Red Sox’ win earned a huge 55.2 rating in Boston, easily the highest of the series. No other game drew even a 40.0 rating, indicating that there were quite a few in the market who sat on the sidelines until the Red Sox had a chance to clinch.

The 55.2 rating is slightly below the 55.3 for Red Sox/Rockies Game 4 in 2007, when the Red Sox clinched their second title since 1918. Red Sox/Cardinals Game 4 in 2004 — when the so-called ‘curse’ was broken — earned a 59.0 in the market.

Game 6 had a 37.9 rating in St. Louis, down 23% from Rangers/Cardinals Game 6 in 2011 (49.4).

(Wed. numbers from MLB_PR verified Twitter account [1], [2])

  • David Person

    World Series Game 6: 12.5
    NBA Finals Game 6: 14.7
    The NBA Finals game 6 final rating will beat the World Series game 6 overnight rating.

  • Thomas Wuestenfeld

    World Series did well. I think its tough for the series to beat the
    NBA Finals for a few reasons. NBA Finals ratings have been helped the
    past two years because of the presence of LeBron James, just as Michael
    Jordan boosted the ratings when he played. It would be interesting to
    see what the finals ratings would be without the Heat.

    In addition, the NBA Finals are in June, and they have the playing field to themselves, while baseball each year has to deal with the NFL and fresh fall programming.

  • JakeFrankie

    People always have excuses, MLB probably 2nd biggest draw “Red Sox” cannot get a double digit rating. Nope Baseball is not dying, But a Miami Heat vs Spurs series which are not major markets like Boston is outdrew the World Series. I’m sure plenty of people will come here trying to defend the MLB. 1993,1998,2008,2010,2011,2012,2013 the NBA Finals has beaten the World Series. NBA National Ratings easily surpass the MLB’s and MLB’s Local TV Ratings easily surpass the NBA.

    Actually NBA is competing with NHL SC, MLB regular season and major tv hit shows like American Idol. People can say what they want Game 1 and Game 2 of the World Series was by it’s self had no real legit tv show against it, It DID NOT get a Double Digit Final rating either night. I’m not trying to bash the MLB, But people should not downplay the NBA’s growth this decade. I dislike people who makes excuses after excuses. Facts are Facts, Also you just gotta look at the age demo for both sports, NBA is a far younger sport which is very good for the future of the sport, MLB is easily the oldest of the top 4 sports in America that’s not a good thing for future reference. Again MLB is not dying, But the excuses can be nagging and annoying.

    • David Person

      I do not think baseball is dying, but it looks like the sports is on the cusp of some real struggles. First their fan base is AGING! This is a serious issue and when their broadcast rights become available again expect TV networks like ESPN and Fox to take that into consideration because the target audience is that 18-49 age group and of the four majors MLB trails the NFL, NBA, and the NHL. Second games are too long. Listen I understand the beauty of baseball is no clock, but that beauty is grotesque in the eyes of young people. Finally, when 36 year old Derek Jeter is your most recognizable athlete your sport has a problem.

    • aj

      mlb fans will stop being defensive when sports anchors instead of covering a great series, they sit and write how baseball is dead. it is a lazy story line that isnt true.

  • aj

    what is your point. The nba has no competition in the summer where they are facing the nhl playoffs. Also the nba only plays on prime tv days. Mlb plays games on saturdays and faces competition from the nfl and college football. Run the nba finals against the nfl or mlb playoffs and they would be crushed.

    • JakeFrankie

      Again tons of excuses, Why does MLB run games on Saturday Night when they know they will get crushed by College Football? MLB been doing good on Sunday Nights. NBA faces Stanley Cup, US Open (Golf) with Tiger always does good, MLB regular season, American Idol and others.

      The Big Bang Theory outdrew the one the MLB games earlier in the series? I guess the Big Bang Theory is a huge draw poor MLB had to face it?

    • Bryan S

      Well, aj, you are partly correct. The NBA doesn’t have the specter of the NFL, college football looming over its head during MLB playoffs, WS. But as one poster stated, it is baseball’s decision to run concurrent of both. True, on Saturday’s games MLB are competing against CFB, and they are also competing against NFL game on Sunday night, but what is often overlooked in these types of discussions, is that the World Series (atleast one game a year) receives a series boon, bump in ratings/viewership on Sunday evening piggybacking of earlier NFL coverage on FOX.