BCS TV Ratings: Overnights Flat For FSU/Auburn Classic

Posted by | January 7, 2014 at 10:53 AM

An all-time classic between Florida State and Auburn could only match last year’s blowout between Alabama and Notre Dame.

The Florida State/Auburn BCS National Championship Game earned a 15.7 overnight rating on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNEWS Monday night, even with Alabama/Notre Dame on ESPN alone last year (15.7), and up 14% from Alabama/LSU on ESPN in 2012 (13.8). The traditional telecast on ESPN had a 15.3 overnight.

The 15.7 overnight is tied for tenth out of the sixteen national championship games in the BCS era (1999-2014). The only games to earn lower overnights were Alabama/LSU in 2012, LSU/Ohio State on FOX in 2008 (15.6), USC/Oklahoma on ABC in 2005 (14.7), LSU/Oklahoma on ABC in 2004 (14.4), and Miami/Nebraska on ABC in 2002 (14.3).

Though the numbers were relatively low historically, Florida State/Auburn is tied as the second-highest rated cable program ever in the metered markets, trailing only the Auburn/Oregon title game in 2011 (16.1).

In addition, Monday’s 15.7 overnight is the highest for a non-NFL sporting event since Game 7 of the Spurs/Heat NBA Finals (17.7).

Locally, the BCS National Championship Game earned a 55.8 rating in Birmingham — up 1% from Alabama/Notre Dame in the market last year (55.1), but down 9% from Alabama/LSU in 2012. The last time Auburn was in the title game — against Oregon in 2010 — the game drew a whopping 67.0 in the market.

Jacksonville, FL, was the second-highest rated market (31.1), with Knoxville (26.6), Atlanta (25.8), Orlando (24.9), and Tampa-St. Petersburg (24.2) rounding out the top five.

(Monday’s overnight from ESPN Media Zone)

  • Drew

    Amazing how Lebron and the NBA Finals is literally the second most popular sport in america…however the NFL is the monster of all monsters…

    • Tati

      Charles Barkley and co are saying that this is the worst basketball they have witnessed in years, but that’s because they are old school, and they want to see pushing, shoving, handchecking, etc… but that stuff don’t fly on TV. It has been proven.

      I truly think this is golden age of Basketball. There is talent coming from every corner of the world, and as LeBron is entering his prime, Durant is just getting started, not to mention the new draft class comin up of Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parkers.

      Don’t forget the Bulls are also getting Mirotic, Stephen Curry is just getting started, Paul George is warming up.

      They are just upset because the Celtics, Lakers and Knicks are stuggling (the old big teams), but this is the NBA we have waited for. Not just relying on 1 or 2 teams from big markets on TV every night.

      The fact that Miami & San Antonio can be called “big” teams is just a win for the league.

      So, I think Barkely and other old guards are very very wrong. This is the best basketball since the days of MJ.

      • David Person

        Exactly! The system is working. No longer can big market teams out spend the smaller market teams and buy a title. The Spurs, Pacers, OKC, and Trailblazers are all small market teams and they all have a shot to win the title. This is the competitive balance that has been missing from the NBA and now that it is back and in combination with all of the great new faces of the NBA the league is in great shape.