CBS Dumps Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe, Adds Tony Gonzalez


CBS Sports has finally overhauled its NFL pregame show.

CBS announced Tuesday that Tony Gonzalez has joined “The NFL Today” as an analyst, working alongside James Brown, Bill Cowher, and Boomer Esiason. The Big Lead first reported CBS’ flirtation with Gonzalez.

CBS also announced the departures of Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe, wishing them “the best” as “they pursue other professional opportunities” (CBS, 2/18). Marino and Sharpe both had long tenures at CBS, the former joining the network in 2002 and the latter in 2004.

Gonzalez is the first addition to the CBS pregame show since Cowher joined the cast in 2007. Meanwhile, Marino and Sharpe are the first departures since Greg Gumbel was replaced by Brown in 2006.

(Tue. news from CBS press release)

  • David Kendrick

    Dan’s going to spend more time with his families.

  • Troy Lee Turner

    risky move here-we’ll see…

  • Nate Johnson

    Biggest winner of this news: Boomer Esiason… In his mind he is probably thinking yes I don’t have to be overshadowed by 2 Hall of Famers and I know I will have more attention than Bill Cowher and Tony Gonzalez on this crew! Interesting move by CBS, I was hoping Tony Gonzalez would go to the NFL Network, but you can’t beat being offered by the “Most Watched Network”


    Boomer Esiason has an ego and was an excellent top notch QB. The guy went beyond good to Great in his last few years. Problem was he was never handed the keys to the Kingdom. He is a enthusiastic fan of the game. He roots for players to come out of their shells and elevate themselves to their potential. The players have to get there. We the fans love that kind of entertainment that he brings. And he can play with anyone when it comes to the X’S AND O’S. Gonzalez will be fresh and Cower, Esiason and Brown will help the guy make the transition. I look forward to next season.

  • Trom33

    Ridiculously poor move to get rid of Marino…One of the best QB’s to ever, ever play this game. Rings or no rings the guy was elite. What were these numbsculls thinking ?

  • SeaHawksRocks

    Meanwhile, cbs retains Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist for college football. I wonder who those two buffoons caught screwing the pooch?

  • Pootown Mayor

    Marino may have been one of the all-time best QBs, but he was clearly one of the worst all-time analysts. Had nothing to contribute and started every answer with, “When you talk about…”