Sprint Cup Overnights: No Dale Jr. Bounce As Phoenix Race Hits Multi-Year Low

Posted by | March 3, 2014 at 7:21 PM

After a record-low at Daytona, overnight ratings did not bounce back for the second race of the season.

Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup “The Profit on CNBC 500″ from Phoenix earned a 4.8 overnight rating on FOX, down 9% from a 5.3 last year, and down 4% from a 5.0 in 2011. The 4.8 is the lowest overnight for the second Sprint Cup race of the season since FOX began airing coverage in 2001.

The 4.8 is also the lowest overnight for the spring Phoenix race since it moved to its current date in 2010.

Though the Daytona 500 hit a record-low in television ratings, it has been suggested that Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s victory would provide NASCAR some much-needed momentum going into the rest of the season. At least this past Sunday, that was not the case.

Despite the lower numbers, Sunday’s race was easily the top sporting event of the weekend on broadcast.

(Sun. numbers from Sports Business Daily)

  • Charles

    If Fox keeps using Michael Waltrip as a commentator, the ratings will decline further. We do not need a serial cheater being an expert witness every time the he can crawl out of his probably not legal car. I’d rather watch the news than listen to him.

  • David Russell Edwards

    If people are interested in the product they will watch regardless of the announcers. After all what other options, viable ones at least, do they have? Radio or the internet just can’t compare to the video of TV. Perhaps the answer is simply the obvious one – the product is losing its appeal.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    If they would simply go back to racing stock cars I would care more. When I do watch a race the TV is muted and my eyes are closed. Washed up drivers make terrible commentators. Oh, and throw in some dirt tracks, too.

  • Ken

    I think the new Chase format will only make the ratings and attendance go lower. Jr. and Harvick are now in the Chase and Jr. Nation and Harvick fans no longer feel the need to watch or attend until the Chase. I think the new Chase format will be a disaster.

  • http://batman-news.com winn

    phoenix was not racing,it was commercials with a little bit of racing put in.