CFB Week 1 Overnights: Labor Day Game Low on ESPN


Labor Day is becoming less and less of a showcase for college football.

Monday’s Miami/Louisville college football game drew a 2.7 overnight rating on ESPN, down 10% from Florida State/Pittsburgh last year (3.0) and down 7% from Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech in 2012 (2.9). The 2.7 ranks as the lowest overnight for the primetime Labor Day game since at least 2008.

Despite the lower numbers, Miami/Louisville was the top game of the weekend on cable and the #3 game overall. Only ABC’s doubleheader did better (4.1 for each game).

Overall, three of ESPN’s four opening weekend games had declines in overnights compared to last year.

(Mon. overnight from Sports Business Daily)

  • Dale Moog

    it is the ACC if they could put the SEC or BIg10 games on Labor day they would do much beter think if the Clemson Georgia game was on Labor Day instead of buried in a terrible window late Sat or if instead of on the SEC Net at 6 eastern we got USC Texas A&M the rating would pick right back up

    • Zack Jones

      No doubt. At last next year they have Ohio State at VaTech on Monday night, ratings will go up. They should find a way to put on a B1G-SEC game in the future.

  • Lloyd Donald Ribner III

    Agreed Dale! If you look at the rating dip, it also coincides with the fact that the quality of game dropped substantially. Miami vs FSU (2009), Boise State vs Va Tech (2010) were far sexier teams to the average viewer at that time than Maryland, Ga. Tech, Pitt.

    Seems like ESPN is willing to stock up their Saturday Week One coverage to try and get people to stay inside. While resting on the fact that they are the only game in town Monday night, and even one team that moves the needle a bit should be able to score enough viewers to beat the majority of college football action for the weekend.