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  • Dave

    What happened to NBCSN ‘The Lights’ morning highlight show? It was a 20 minute show that pretty much gave the viewer every highlight in sports from the night before, unlike ESPN who picks and choses which highlights to show. I really enjoyed the show, but haven’t seen it since the NHL playoffs started in May? Did they cancel it?

    • Paulsen

      SBJ reported a few weeks ago that The Lights will return this month.

  • Ronald Caval

    Any ratings on the MLS All-Star match Wednesday? Thanks.

    • Paulsen

      Haven’t seen those numbers yet, but I’ll post them when I get them.

  • John Latham

    Any ratings for Western Kentucky vs Kentucky from August 31st, 2013 on ESPN News? Also Western Kentucky is listed as W. Kentucky in some posts. Could it be changed for consistency? Thanks!

    • Paulsen

      I don’t have the ESPNEWS numbers from Week 1, unfortunately. As far as labeling goes, I’ll see if I can make it more consistent.

      • John Latham

        Bummer on no week 1, thanks though, and no biggie on the naming really. I know other sites are using yours to compile avg. viewership by teams and I think it was causing some confusion. Thanks for the site! It is great!

  • Erik Jensen

    Do you have pre-2012 nfl tv schedules showing the network and type of coverage (national, regional, etc)? I am trying to put together some analysis and found your site the most helpful with tv schedules. thank you for what you have already provided. great site

    • Paulsen

      I don’t have complete schedules from before 2012. The closest would be some of the ratings posts I did from 2009-11 (here’s a link to one of them . Hope that helps.

      • Erik Jensen

        Thanks for the response. I will keep searching or go the old-fashioned manual approach looking through boxscores.

  • Jason

    Hi, I have bought tickets to the Nets game 6 round 1 of the finals based on the NBA finals schedule outlined on your site. Can you please confirm how accurate the schedule is or where you sourced it from? I am travelling from overseas and only have a few days in NYC (so want to make sure it’s correct).


    • Paulsen

      Hey Jason, I responded to the e-mail you sent.

  • Nate Johnson

    Hey Paulsen in your “Most Impressive Awards” post you did late last year I said Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts deserves to be the #2 commentating pair on the NFL on CBS and according to it is Official that 2 will be!

    Even though that isn’t as Big of a deal because NBC will take away either CBS’ or FOX’s Divisional round game for the next 8 years, lets keep in mind that Nantz/Simms will have some Sunday’s off because of Thursday Night Football which will open the door for Eagle/Fouts to telecast the most intriguing Football game CBS will have to offer. Lastly, I was surprised not seeing Brian Billick get a CBS deal and Trent Green along with Greg Gumbel ought to be interesting

  • H.e. Pennypacker

    Do you have ratings for any of the FCS (1aa) football playoff games? ESPN carried the games.

  • Charlie

    Do you have all sports ratings for March 2015 for Big Ten Network? Thank you.

    • Paulsen

      Sorry, those numbers usually are not made public. If BTN releases anything, I’ll let you know.

  • sonomasavage

    Any word on the Overnights for the Indycar Race in New Orleans last Sunday ? The race itself was dreadful because of the weather I’m wondering if the TV numbers are equally bad ?