A list of the interviews conducted by Sports Media Watch.

Date Published
Interview Subject
Bob Rathbun, Fox Sports South play-by-play voice
Fox Sports Net play-by-play voice Bob Rathbun on Atlanta’s poor reputation as a sports town, and his play-by-play debut at just twelve years of age.
Darren Rovell, CNBC reporter
NBC reporter Darren Rovell on the state of NASCAR, the future of hockey and soccer and whether Nike or Gatorade has had the biggest impact on sports business.
Kenny Smith, TNT/NBA TV analyst (Part I)
Turner Sports NBA analyst Kenny Smith on the various claims of former NBA referee Tim Donaghy.
Ernie Johnson, Jr., Turner Sports host
Turner Sports studio host Ernie Johnson, Jr. on the success of Turner’s Inside the NBA studio show, what he considers to be the highlight of his career and getting booed by Phillies fans during the 2009 NLCS.
Kenny Smith, TNT/NBA TV NBA analyst (Part II)
More with Turner Sports NBA analyst Kenny Smith, talking his future with Turner, his first time speaking with Charles Barkley and his non-sports ventures.
Tim Kiely, Turner Sports producer
Turner Sports producer Tim Kiely describes a typical day on Inside the NBA and talks about the future of the acclaimed studio show.
Kevin Harlan, TNT/CBS play-by-play voice
Turner Sports and CBS play-by-play voice Kevin Harlan on whether he prefers the NBA, NFL or college basketball, the differences between local and national broadcasts and where NBA All-Star Weekend ranks among the events he calls on a yearly basis.
George Bodenheimer, President, ESPN/ABC Sports
ESPN/ABC Sports President George Bodenheimer on the migration of sporting events from broadcast network ABC to cable network ESPN.
Mike Soltys, ESPN VP/Communications (Part I)
ESPN Vice President/Communications Mike Soltys on the suspension of Pardon The Interruption co-host Tony Kornheiser.
Mike Soltys, ESPN VP/Communications (Part II)
More with ESPN VP/Communications Mike Soltys, addressing ESPN’s 2009 coverage of Ben Roethlisberger’s sexual assualt suit, a controversial slip of the tounge by Mike Greenberg, the future of sporting events on ABC and whether ESPN would be interested in NHL rights.
Doug White, ESPN Sr. Dir., Programming & Acquisitions
ESPN Senior Director of Programming & Acquisitions Doug White on various aspects of the 2010 NBA Playoffs schedule.
Charles Barkley, TNT NBA analyst (Part I)
TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley on his future endeavors, the role of politics in sports, the NBA’s persistent image problems, and what he thinks of the coverage of Tiger Woods’ personal life.
Charles Barkley, TNT NBA analyst (Part II)
More from Charles Barkley, touching on the NBA’s age limit and the chemistry of the TNT NBA studio team.
Chris Webber, TNT/NBA TV NBA analyst
TNT NBA analyst Chris Webber, on his future as a television analyst, and the claims of an ex-referee that the 2002 Western Conference Finals were comprimised by officials.
Bryan Perez, Senior VP/General Manager, NBA Digital
NBA Digital SVP Bryan Perez, on how NBA TV compares to other league-specific networks, the use of local announcers on NBA TV games, and whether the network will increase its college basketball coverage in the wake of Turner’s NCAA Tournament deal.
Michael Doyle, Managing Editor, NBA Digital
NBA Digital Managing Editor Michael Doyle, on what current NBA players would make good TV analysts.
Michael Adamson, Turner Sports VP, New Products & Services and Robert Occhialini, NBA Digital Dir. of Technology, Product Development (Part I)
Turner Sports VP, New Products & Services Michael Adamson and NBA Digital Dir. of Technology and Product Development Robert Occhialini on the development of the NBA Game Time app on various platforms.
Michael Adamson, Turner Sports VP, New Products & Services and Robert Occhialini, NBA Digital Dir. of Technology, Product Development (Part II)
More with Adamson and Occhialini on the NBA Game Time app.
Barry Melrose, ESPN NHL analyst
ESPN NHL analyst Barry Melrose on the Blackhawks/Flyers Stanley Cup Final, whether the NHL needs to be on ESPN to be successful, and why he decided to stay with ESPN when the network lost NHL rights.
David Aldridge, TNT, NBA TV and reporter
TNT NBA analyst David Aldridge on the coverage of NBA free agency, the controversy involving LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland, and the possibility of a 2011-2012 NBA lockout.
Ross Greenburg, President of HBO Sports
HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg on HBO’s Hard Knocks and 24/7, why Joe Buck Live didn’t last, and Bill Simmons‘ criticism of HBO documentaries.
Jonathan Block-Verk, President/CEO of PromaxBDA
PromaxBDA President/CEO Jonathan Block-Verk on the inaugural Sports Media Marketing Awards.
Randy Bernard, IndyCar CEO
IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard discusses his first year on the job, TV ratings for IndyCar telecasts, and whether its possible to fully resolve the IRL/CART split.
Candice Wiggins, Minnesota Lynx guard
WNBA player Candice Wiggins talks about issues facing college athletes, the state of the WNBA, and sexism in women’s sports.
Jack Kukoda, Onion SportsDome head writer/co-executive producer
Onion SportsDome head writer Jack Kukoda on the development of the show, comparisons to The Daily Show, and whether athletes and sports broadcsters will appear on the show..
Kenny Smith, Turner Sports NBA analyst
Another Q&A with TNT’s Kenny Smith, this time discussing his new NCAA Tournament assignment, the perception that small market NBA teams can’t compete, and coverage of the Miami Heat.
Scooter Vertino, NBA Digital VP/Content
NBA Digital executive Scooter Vertino on his new role at NBA Digital, whether NBA TV has considered using national announcers on playoff coverage, and how a story he produced for TNT resulted in Rasheed Wallace being reunited with his missing son.
Lee Corso, Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit, Erin Andrews and Chris Fowler, College Gameday
The cast of College Gameday on the show’s success and the chemistry between the cast.
David J. Leonard, Washington State University
Washington State University professor Dr. David J. Leonard on race in the sports media.
T.C. Corrigan, Cal-State San Bernadino
Cal-State San Bernadino professor T.C. Corrigan on the state of the sports blogosphere and the 2011 Penn State scandal.