2012-13 NFL TV Schedule

The national TV schedule for the 2012-13 NFL season on CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network.

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There are a few new wrinkles for the upcoming season. Among them, NFL Network will begin airing an expanded schedule of games in Week 2, NBC will televise a game on Thanksgiving night, and the national window has been moved from 4:15 PM ET to 4:25 PM.

2012-13 NFL TV Schedule
* Flexible schedule begins in Week 11
** ‘TNF’: Thursday Night Football; ‘SNF’: Sunday Night Football; ‘MNF’: Monday Night Football; ‘Single’: Singleheader; ‘Regional’: First game of doubleheader, ‘National’: NFL national window

Date Window Time (ET) Away Home Net
Sun., 8/5/12 HOF 8:00 PM Saints Cardinals NFL Network
Thu., 8/9/12 MNF 8:00 PM Packers Chargers ESPN
Fri., 8/10/12 Special 7:30 PM Bengals Jets NFL Network
Sat., 8/11/12 Special 7:00 PM Texans Panthers NFL Network
Special 10:00 PM Titans Seahawks NFL Network
Sun., 8/12/12 Special 1:30 PM Rams Colts NFL Network
Mon., 8/13/12 MNF 8:00 PM Cowboys Raiders ESPN
Thu., 8/16/12 Special 8:00 PM Bengals Falcons FOX
Fri., 8/17/12 Special 8:00 PM Lions Ravens FOX
Sat., 8/18/12 Special 7:00 PM Giants Jets NFL Network
Special 9:00 PM Cowboys Chargers NFL Network
Sun., 8/19/12 SNF 8:00 PM Colts Steelers NBC
Mon., 8/20/12 MNF 8:00 PM Eagles Patriots ESPN
Thu., 8/23/12 MNF 8:00 PM Cardinals Titans ESPN
Fri., 8/24/12 Special 8:00 PM Bears Giants CBS
Sat., 8/25/12 Special 4:00 PM Colts Washington NFL Network
Special 8:00 PM Texans Saints CBS
Sun., 8/26/12 Special 4:00 PM 49ers Broncos FOX
SNF 8:00 PM Panthers Jets NBC
Wed., 8/29/12 Special 7:30 PM Patriots Giants NFL Network
Thu., 8/30/12 Special 7:00 PM Chiefs Packers NFL Network
Special 11:00 PM Broncos Cardinals NFL Network
Wed., 9/5/12 Kickoff 8:30 PM Cowboys Giants NBC
Sun., 9/9/12 Single 1:00 PM Colts Bears CBS
Patriots Titans
Jaguars Vikings
Bills Jets
Dolphins Texans
Regional 1:00 PM Falcons Chiefs FOX
Eagles Browns
Washington Saints
Rams Lions
National 4:25 PM 49ers Packers FOX
Seahawks Cardinals
Panthers Buccaneers
SNF 8:20 PM Steelers Broncos NBC
Mon., 9/10/12 MNF 7:00 PM Bengals Ravens ESPN
MNF 10:15 PM Chargers Raiders ESPN
Thu., 9/13/12 TNF 8:20 PM Bears Packers NFL Network
Sun., 9/16/12 Single 1:00 PM Buccaneers Giants FOX
Saints Panthers
Cardinals Patriots
Vikings Colts
4:05 PM Washington Rams
Cowboys Seahawks
Regional 1:00 PM Raiders Dolphins CBS
Texans Jaguars
Browns Bengals
Chiefs Bills
Ravens Eagles
National 4:25 PM Jets Steelers CBS
Titans Chargers
SNF 8:20 PM Lions 49ers NBC
Mon., 9/17/12 MNF 8:30 PM Broncos Falcons ESPN
Thu., 9/20/12 TNF 8:20 PM Giants Panthers NFL Network
Sun., 9/23/12 Single 1:00 PM Buccaneers Cowboys FOX
Rams Bears
49ers Vikings
Lions Titans
4:05 PM Falcons Chargers
Eagles Cardinals
Regional 1:00 PM Jaguars Colts CBS
Bills Browns
Jets Dolphins
Chiefs Saints
Bengals Washington
National 4:25 PM Texans Broncos CBS
Steelers Raiders
SNF 8:20 PM Patriots Ravens NBC
Mon., 9/24/12 MNF 8:30 PM Packers Seahawks ESPN
Thu., 9/27/12 TNF 8:20 PM Browns Ravens NFL Network
Sun., 9/30/12 Single 1:00 PM Patriots Bills CBS
Chargers Chiefs
Titans Texans
4:05 PM Bengals Jaguars
Raiders Broncos
Dolphins Cardinals
Regional 1:00 PM 49ers Jets FOX
Seahawks Rams
Panthers Falcons
Vikings Lions
National 4:25 PM Saints Packers FOX
Washington Buccaneers
SNF 8:20 PM Giants Eagles NBC
Mon., 10/1/12 MNF 8:30 PM Bears Cowboys ESPN
Thu., 10/4/12 TNF 8:20 PM Cardinals Rams NFL Network
Sun., 10/7/12 Single 1:00 PM Eagles Steelers FOX
Packers Colts
Falcons Washington
4:05 PM Seahawks Panthers
Bears Jaguars
Regional 1:00 PM Browns Giants CBS
Dolphins Bengals
Ravens Chiefs
National 4:25 PM Broncos Patriots CBS
Titans Vikings
Bills 49ers
SNF 8:20 PM Chargers Saints NBC
Mon., 10/8/12 MNF 8:30 PM Texans Jets ESPN
Thu., 10/11/12 TNF 8:20 PM Steelers Titans NFL Network
Sun., 10/14/12 Single 1:00 PM Chiefs Buccaneers CBS
Colts Jets
Bengals Browns
Raiders Falcons
4:05 PM Bills Cardinals
Patriots Seahawks
Regional 1:00 PM Cowboys Ravens FOX
Lions Eagles
Rams Dolphins
National 4:25 PM Giants 49ers FOX
Vikings Washington
SNF 8:20 PM Packers Texans NBC
Mon., 10/15/12 MNF 8:30 PM Broncos Chargers ESPN
Thu., 10/18/12 TNF 8:20 PM Seahawks 49ers NFL Network
Sun., 10/21/12 Single 1:00 PM Washington Giants FOX
Packers Rams
Cardinals Vikings
Cowboys Panthers
Saints Buccaneers
Regional 1:00 PM Titans Bills CBS
Browns Colts
Ravens Texans
National 4:25 PM Jets Patriots CBS
Jaguars Raiders
SNF 8:20 PM Steelers Bengals NBC
Mon., 10/22/12 MNF 8:30 PM Lions Bears ESPN
Thu., 10/25/12 TNF 8:20 PM Buccaneers Vikings NFL Network
Sun., 10/28/12 Single 1:00 PM Dolphins Jets CBS
Chargers Browns
Colts Titans
Patriots Rams
Jaguars Packers
4:05 PM Raiders Chiefs
Regional 1:00 PM Falcons Eagles FOX
Washington Steelers
Seahawks Lions
Panthers Bears
National 4:25 PM Giants Cowboys FOX
SNF 8:20 PM Saints Broncos NBC
Mon., 10/29/12 MNF 8:30 PM 49ers Cardinals ESPN
Thu., 11/1/12 TNF 8:20 PM Chiefs Chargers NFL Network
Sun., 11/4/12 Single 1:00 PM Cardinals Packers FOX
Bears Titans
Lions Jaguars
Panthers Washington
4:05 PM Vikings Seahawks
Buccaneers Raiders
Regional 1:00 PM Broncos Bengals CBS
Ravens Browns
Dolphins Colts
Bills Texans
National 4:25 PM Steelers Giants CBS
SNF 8:20 PM Cowboys Falcons NBC
Mon., 11/5/12 MNF 8:30 PM Eagles Saints ESPN
Thu., 11/8/12 TNF 8:20 PM Colts Jaguars NFL Network
Sun., 11/11/12 Single 1:00 PM Broncos Panthers CBS
Bills Patriots
Chargers Buccaneers
Titans Dolphins
Raiders Ravens
4:05 PM Jets Seahawks
Regional 1:00 PM Giants Bengals FOX
Lions Vikings
Falcons Saints
National 4:25 PM Cowboys Eagles FOX
Rams 49ers
SNF 8:20 PM Texans Bears NBC
Mon., 11/12/12 MNF 8:30 PM Chiefs Steelers ESPN
Thu., 11/15/12 TNF 8:20 PM Dolphins Bills NFL Network
Sun., 11/18/12 Single 1:00 PM Packers Lions FOX
Cardinals Falcons
Buccaneers Panthers
Eagles Washington
4:05 PM Saints Raiders
Regional 1:00 PM Browns Cowboys CBS
Jets Rams
Bengals Chiefs
Jaguars Texans
National 4:25 PM Chargers Broncos CBS
4:25 PM Colts Patriots CBS
SNF 8:20 PM Ravens Steelers NBC
Mon., 11/19/12 MNF 8:30 PM Bears 49ers ESPN
Thu., 11/22/12 Special 12:30 PM Texans Lions CBS
Special 4:15 PM Washington Cowboys FOX
Special 8:20 PM Patriots Jets NBC
Sun., 11/25/12 Single 1:00 PM Broncos Chiefs CBS
Titans Jaguars
Bills Colts
Steelers Browns
Raiders Bengals
4:05 PM Ravens Chargers
Regional 1:00 PM Vikings Bears FOX
Falcons Buccaneers
Seahawks Dolphins
National 4:25 PM 49ers Saints FOX
Rams Cardinals
SNF 8:20 PM Packers Giants NBC
Mon., 11/26/12 MNF 8:30 PM Panthers Eagles ESPN
Thu., 11/29/12 TNF 8:20 PM Saints Falcons NFL Network
Sun., 12/2/12 Single 1:00 PM Vikings Packers FOX
49ers Rams
Cardinals Jets
Panthers Chiefs
4:05 PM Buccaneers Broncos
Regional 1:00 PM Patriots Dolphins CBS
Texans Titans
Jaguars Bills
Colts Lions
National 4:25 PM Steelers Ravens CBS
Browns Raiders
Bengals Chargers
SNF 8:20 PM Eagles Cowboys NBC
Mon., 12/3/12 MNF 8:30 PM Giants Washington ESPN
Thu., 12/6/12 TNF 8:20 PM Broncos Raiders NFL Network
Sun., 12/9/12 Single 1:00 PM Jets Jaguars CBS
Ravens Washington
Chiefs Browns
Chargers Steelers
Titans Colts
4:05 PM Dolphins 49ers
Regional 1:00 PM Cowboys Bengals FOX
Bears Vikings
Rams Bills
Falcons Panthers
Eagles Buccaneers
National 4:25 PM Saints Giants FOX
Cardinals Seahawks
SNF 8:20 PM Lions Packers NBC
Mon., 12/10/12 MNF 8:30 PM Texans Patriots ESPN
Thu., 12/13/12 TNF 8:20 PM Bengals Eagles NFL Network
Sun., 12/16/12 Single 1:00 PM Packers Bears FOX
Giants Falcons
Washington Browns
Vikings Rams
Buccaneers Saints
4:05 PM Seahawks Bills
Panthers Chargers
Lions Cardinals
Regional 1:00 PM Broncos Ravens CBS
Colts Texans
Jaguars Dolphins
National 4:25 PM Steelers Cowboys CBS
Chiefs Raiders
SNF 8:20 PM 49ers Patriots NBC
Mon., 12/17/12 MNF 8:30 PM Jets Titans ESPN
49ers/Cardinals flexed to SNF; Giants/Ravens flexed to national window
Sat., 12/22/12 MNF 8:30 PM Falcons Lions ESPN
Sun., 12/23/12 Single 1:00 PM Titans Packers CBS
Raiders Panthers
Bills Dolphins
Bengals Steelers
Chargers Jets
Patriots Jaguars
Colts Chiefs
4:05 PM Browns Broncos
Regional 1:00 PM Saints Cowboys FOX
Vikings Texans
Washington Eagles
Rams Buccaneers
National 4:25 PM Giants Ravens FOX
Bears Cardinals
SNF 8:20 PM 49ers Seahawks NBC
Dallas-Washington flexed to SNF; Packers-Vikings flexed to FOX nat’l window
Sun., 12/30/12 Regional 1:00 PM Jets Bills CBS
Ravens Bengals
Browns Steelers
Texans Colts
Jaguars Titans
Regional 1:00 PM Eagles Giants FOX
Bears Lions
Panthers Saints
Buccaneers Falcons
National 4:25 PM Dolphins Patriots CBS
Chiefs Broncos
Raiders Chargers
National 4:25 PM Packers Vikings FOX
Cardinals 49ers
Rams Seahawks
SNF 8:20 PM Cowboys Washington NBC