IndyCar Wrap: NBCSN Has Worst Season, ABC Down 15%


The 2012 IndyCar Series season was not much of a success for broadcast partners ABC and NBC Sports Network.

NBC Sports Network averaged 292,000 viewers for IndyCar coverage during the 2012 season, according to Sports Business Journal, down 27% from last year (402K).

This season was the least-viewed on NBCSN, which began televising IndyCar coverage in 2009.

ABC, meanwhile, averaged 2.5 million viewers for coverage this season — down 17% from last year. Four of the six races on ABC failed to draw even 1% of U.S. TV homes.

The only exceptions were the Indy 500 (4.3) and the June 16 race from Milwaukee (1.0), which due to rain delays aired for only an hour on ABC.

(This year’s numbers from Sports Business Journal, with additional information from ESPN)

  • Damon

    It’s ALL Danica’s fault!

  • PhilipJames

    I knew that Danica Patrick had nothing to do with the higher ratings from 2004 – 2011. Now that she is gone the ratings and viewership for IndyCar have gone through the roof.

    As for NASCAR and especially Nationwide viewership…. well, that is only up 20% or so on average now that Danica is over there. Terrible.

    Recent night race for Nationwide – 1,599,526 viewers
    Big Finale for the Championship race for IndyCar – 229,000

    See, I knew it was better now that Danica is not around…. now all the REAL stars in IndyCar can finally shine.

  • Truckerdo1

    Danica was the reason I watched Indy car racing now that She left so did I

    • Nayls57

      Then you were NEVER an Indycar fan.


    The “split” destroyed “indy car” to a point where won’t ever recover.  The old CART fans won’t watch/support a series that evolved out of destruction imposed by Tony George and the IRL.  The old IRL fans won’t watch/support because the league basically abandoned its original all oval/all american ideals and become a foreign driver/street “racing” series.  It just needs to die.  Maybe something worthwhile can be “reborn” at some future point. 

    • ned

      I get in trouble every time I say this –oh well—we need American drivers–driving American cars–noone [cares] about those funny name guys –that have never grown up on dirt tracks.   ask anyone to name an Indy driver –they come up with AJ or Mario—why ???