The schedule for the 2013 NCAA Tournament on CBS and Turner Sports as of March 2. Click here to jump straight to the schedule.

The 2014 March Madness TV schedule is available here.

As usual, the NCAA Tournament will begin with the “First Four” on TruTV March 19 and 20. The tournament will get into full swing on March 22 with sixteen second round telecasts from Lexington (KY), Auburn Hills (MI), San Jose, and Salt Lake City. The following day features another sixteen-game marathon, with action from Philadelphia, Austin (TX), Dayton (OH) and Kansas City.

CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV will each air second and third round games, CBS and TBS will split the Sweet Sixteen, and CBS alone will televise the Elite Eight and Final Four.

The 2013 NCAA Tournament National Championship Game is scheduled for Monday, April 8, and 9:23 PM ET (CBS).

2013 March Madness TV Schedule

Subject to change.
UPDATE 3/5: CBS, TruTV timeslots added
Round (Location) Time Game Net Announcers
NCAA Tournament Selection Show: Sun., 3/17, 6 PM CBS
Tuesday, March 19
First Four (Dayton, OH)
6:30 PM #16 N.C. A&T vs. #16 Liberty TruTV Marv Albert, Steve Kerr
9:00 PM #11 #St. Mary’s vs. #11 Middle Tenn. TruTV Albert, Kerr
Wednesday, March 20
First Four (Dayton, OH)
6:30 PM #16 LIU-Brooklyn vs. #16 James Madison TruTV Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg
9:00 PM #13 LaSalle vs. #13 Boise State TruTV Nantz, Kellogg
Thursday, March 21
Second Round (Lexington, KY; Auburn Hills, MI; San Jose; Salt Lake City)
12:15 PM #14 Valparaiso vs. #3 Michigan St. CBS Verne Lundquist, Bill Raftery
12:40 PM #11 Bucknell vs. #6 Butler TruTV Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel
1:40 PM #9 Wichita State vs. #8 Pittsburgh TBS Spero Dedes, Doug Gottlieb
2:10 PM # 13 New Mexico State vs. #4 Saint Louis TNT Brian Anderson, Dan Bonner
2:45 PM #11 St. Mary’s vs. #6 Memphis CBS Lundquist, Raftery
3:10 PM #14 Davidson vs. #3 Marquette TruTV Eagle, Spanarkel
4:10 PM #16 Southern vs. #1 Gonzaga TBS Dedes, Gottlieb
4:40 PM #12 Oregon vs. #5 Oklahoma State TNT Anderson, Bonner
6:45 PM #16 N.C. A&T vs. #1 Louisville TBS Eagle, Spanarkel
7:15 PM #13 South Dakota St. vs. #4 Michigan CBS Lundquist, Raftery
7:20 PM #11 Belmont vs. #6 Arizona TNT Dedes, Gottlieb
7:27 PM #12 Cal vs. #5 UNLV TruTV Anderson, Bonner
9:20 PM #9 Missouri vs. #8 Colorado State TBS Eagle, Spanarkel
9:45 PM #12 Akron vs. #5 VCU CBS Lundquist, Raftery
9:50 PM #14 Harvard vs. #3 New Mexico TNT Dedes, Gottlieb
9:57 PM #13 Montana vs. #4 Syracuse TruTV Anderson, Bonner
Friday, March 22
Second Round (Philadelphia; Austin, TX; Dayton, OH; Kansas City)
12:15 PM #15 Albany vs. #2 Duke CBS Kevin Harlan, Len Elmore, Reggie Miller
12:40 PM #12 Mississippi vs. #5 Wisconsin TruTV Albert, Kerr
1:40 PM #9 Temple vs. #8 N.C. State TBS Nantz, Kellogg
2:10 PM #15 Pacific vs. #2 Miami TNT Tim Brando, Mike Gminski
2:45 PM #10 Cincinnati vs. #7 Creighton CBS Harlan, Elmore, Miller
3:10 PM #13 LaSalle vs. #4 Kansas State TruTV Albert, Kerr
4:10 PM #16 J. Madison vs. #1 Indiana TBS Nantz, Kellogg
4:40 PM #10 Colorado vs. #7 Illinois TNT Brando, Gminski
6:50 PM #15 Fla. Gulf Coast vs. #2 Georgetown TBS Harlan, Elmore, Miller
7:15 PM #15 Iona vs. #2 Ohio State CBS Nantz, Kellogg
7:20 PM #9 Villanova vs. #8 North Carolina TNT Albert, Kerr
7:27 PM #14 Northwestern St. vs. #3 Florida TruTV Brando, Gminski
9:20 PM #10 Oklahoma vs. #7 San Diego St. TBS Harlan, Elmore, Miller
9:45 PM #10 Iowa State vs. #7 Notre Dame CBS Nantz, Kellogg
9:50 PM #16 W. Kentucky vs. #1 Kansas TNT Albert, Kerr
9:57 PM #11 Minnesota vs. #6 UCLA TruTV Brando, Gminski
Saturday, March 23
Third Round (Auburn Hills, MI; Lexington, KY; Salt Lake City; San Jose)
12:15 PM VCU vs. Michigan CBS Lundquist, Raftery
2:30 PM Memphis vs. Michigan State CBS Lundquist, Raftery
5:15 PM
Colorado State vs. Louisville CBS Eagle, Spanarkel
6:10 PM Harvard vs. Arizona TNT Dedes, Gottlieb
7:00 PM Oregon vs. Saint Louis TBS Anderson, Bonner
7:30 PM Butler vs. Marquette CBS Eagle, Spanarkel
8:30 PM Wichita State vs. Gonzaga TNT Dedes, Gottlieb
9:30 PM California vs. Syracuse TBS Anderson, Bonner
Sunday, March 24
Third Round (Philadelphia; Dayton, OH; Kansas City; Austin, TX)
12:15 PM Iowa State vs. Ohio State CBS Nantz, Kellogg
2:30 PM Temple vs. Indiana CBS Nantz, Kellogg
5:15 PM
North Carolina vs. Kansas CBS Albert, Kerr
6:10 PM Minnesota vs. Florida TNT Brando, Gminski
7:10 PM Fla. Gulf-Coast vs. San Diego St. TBS Harlan, Elmore, Miller
7:40 PM La Salle vs. Mississippi TruTV Albert, Kerr
8:30 PM Illinois vs. Miami TNT Brando, Gminski
9:30 PM Creighton vs. Duke TBS Harlan, Elmore, Miller
Thursday, March 28
Sweet Sixteen (Washington; L.A.)
7:15 PM Marquette vs. Miami CBS Lundquist, Raftery
7:47 PM Arizona vs. Ohio State TBS Harlan, Miller, Elmore
9:45 PM Syracuse vs. Indiana CBS Lundquist, Raftery
10:17 PM La Salle vs. Wichita State TBS Harlan, Miller, Elmore
Friday, March 29
Sweet Sixteen (Indianapolis; Arlington)
7:15 PM Oregon vs. Louisville CBS Nantz, Kellogg
7:37 PM Kansas vs. Michigan TBS Albert, Kerr
9:45 PM Michigan State vs. Duke CBS Nantz, Kellogg
10:07 PM Fla. Gulf Coast vs. Florida TBS Albert, Kerr
Saturday, March 30
Elite Eight (Washington; L.A.)
4:30 PM Syracuse vs. Marquette CBS Lundquist, Raftery
7:05 PM Wichita State vs. Ohio State CBS Harlan, Miller, Elmore
Sunday, March 31
Elite Eight (Indianapolis; Arlington)
2:10 PM Florida vs. Michigan CBS Albert, Kerr
4:55 PM Duke vs. Louisville CBS Nantz, Kellogg
Saturday, April 6
Final Four (Atlanta)
6:00 PM Wichita State vs. Louisville CBS Nantz, Kellogg, Kerr
8:49 PM Syracuse vs. Michigan CBS Nantz, Kellogg, Kerr
Monday, April 8
Final Four (Atlanta)
9:23 PM Michigan vs. Louisville CBS Nantz, Kellogg, Kerr