Report: FOX Looking to Extend NASCAR Deal Early


Fox Sports is reportedly looking to extend its NASCAR deal a year ahead of schedule.

Sports Business Journal reported Monday that FOX “has started serious negotiations with NASCAR” on an extension of the parties’ current eight-year television deal.

The early negotiations will allow FOX to avoid bidding for NASCAR rights in the open market, where potential suitor NBC is expected to drive up prices.

According to the report, fellow incumbents ESPN and Turner Sports have not yet begun negotiating with NASCAR.

FOX acquired NASCAR rights in 1999 and began airing races in 2001.

(Monday’s news from Sports Business Journal)

  • hopefulnascarfan

    i hope with the money they save that they can afford to fire the waltrip brothers and hire anyone to replace them.  the delay between the live stream of mrn/prn is to off i cant stand watching and listening. but next year i am probably going to do that.  the only thing worse is having to listen to rusty wallace.  i am not sure which of the three is more clueless.  it is almost as if wallace is punch drunk from to many crashes.  he made so many mistakes in the nationwide race last weekend at michigan it was silly.  there have to be more retired drivers like dale jarret.  hopefully, i am not the only fan that feels this way and somehow the networks will hear and hire legitimate anouncers and not just old racers with big mouths.

  • Mchalker1

    i hope they drop fox!!! their hd channel can never make it through a race with out something going wrong. D. W. can stay michael has 2 go. keep it on tnt or nbc

  • William

    I enjoy FOX more than I enjoy the other networks.  TNT doesn’t do a bad job (of course half everyone on that broadcast is on loan from fox).  I wish ESPN/ABC will bow out of the NASCAR world again and cover over sports like they really want to.  They do not cover the races well in my opinion and there freakin ticker at the bottom is annoying as heck.  They are more worried about other events happening and could care less about NASCAR (they change network because another game is in progress, or they jump out of telecast after the race and make you watch the post race stuff on ESPN news or sportcenter.   To me I wish FOX could share the whole season with TNT or cover the series out right like they did when they took over in 2001.  ESPN has the  Nationwide series, and Speed has the Truck series, so give FOX exclusive rights to the CUP series.

    The posts about the delay.  I’m ok with the delay.  I only watch the broadcast on fox and sometimes I may change over to the in-car’s on directv (that is where you can see the delay in question), but the delay is a non issue in this.  Also, the Waltrips are way better than the guys on ESPN (who changes announcers all the time because they cant get it right).  again, TNT is pretty much a fox step sister in a way.

    Go get them FOX.